Below you will find an overview of the exhibitions that are scheduled for the coming months

4 November – 10 January


FALL – Sidney Waerts (1976)

With his new exhibition FALL, Sidney Waerts shows the change he has undergone in recent years.

After the hustle and bustle of the city, a shift is taking place for Waerts. He chooses the silence and clarity that nature brings him. This inner journey is partly inspired by Sumi-e, the Japanese painting technique in which simplicity and spontaneity are guiding principles. Acrylic paint and Oriental ink create new possibilities for him. He also adds gold as an extra layer, symbolizing light and spiritual growth. This gives this series for Waerts a warmer and more optimistic character than his previous series.

´As a child I was always busy creating my own world,´ says Waerts. ´In the outdoors, I feel that freedom to shape my inner world. That corresponds to the search for my own essence. For example, when you can embrace the transience of autumn, you see that this period is connected to the growth of something new. It is a continuous flow of moving energy.´

Sidney Waerts


5 August – 9 October ’22


The Ambassade Hotel and gallery curator Chinny Bond invite you to “INTO THE LIGHT”, an exhibition of works by Tony van Amsterdam.

Tony van Amsterdam is an Amsterdam based artist from New York City that has shown his multidisciplinary works internationally. He is the creator of Authentic Illuminated Concepts, an eco friendly art concept company that makes functional art using LED lighting and mixed media.

Ambassade Art Gallery

20 May – 25 July ’22 


The Ambassade Hotel and art gallery curator Chinny Bond invite you to “IN THE DISTANCE”, an exhibition of works by Hyland Mather. “Primarily in my work I’m interested in balance. Aesthetic balance, conceptual balance, physical balance. Like many other artists I have several ongoing bodies of work. I am an assemblage artist working on my ‘Lost Object’ and ‘Modus Volito’ series of sculptures and installations created from reclaimed or ‘lost’ materials.” – Hyland Mather

9 April – 30 April ’22


The Ambassade Hotel and Eugénie Brands invite you for the exhibition of a large selection of gouaches by Eugène Brands. “A painting has to come into being. I don’t create it. I am an antenna. The form is not predetermined or contemplated. I begin by painting thin areas of color or observing what is happening with the paint and then I act on that. The creation of a painting is an almost autonomous event. It requires a medium. That is the painter.” – Eugène Brands


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